[jruby-dev] [GSOC report] Jruby on Embedded project
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Kumar Sukhani
2013-09-22 18:49:01 UTC
Hello all,
I am Kumar Sukhani, a GSOC student. I was working on JRuby on
Embedded Project. I tried various JVMs on x86 to know their performance,
status and some insight about it. I tried Icedtea, JamVM, Oracle JVM, Avain VM,
Cacao JVM, GCJ, JatoVM, JikesVM, Maxine, Vmkit etc. After the work I
shortlisted Icedtea, JamVM, Oracle JVM, Avian VM and Cacao for the further
work, as JatoVM, JikesVM, Vmkit and Maxine had no support for ARM. I did
their performance comparison using SpecJVM[1] benchmark and got their
Memory[2] and CPU[3] comparison.
I used Beaglebone Black[4] as the target platform and got ZeroVM,
JamVM, Cacao, Oracle JVM, Avian VM, and also Hotspot on board. Due to some
bug[5] in Icedtea all its dependent JVM's i.e. ZeroVM, JamVM, Cacao VM and
Avian VM didn't work for JRuby and above. I did the performance
analysis on Angstrom and Ubuntu OS. I did JVM comparison[6][7] using
SpecJVM benchmark, ran JRuby Unit test[8], JIT performance comparison[8],
and also JRuby performance comparison[6] with Ruby MRI also. I have created
the repositories with JVM packages[9] and Jruby packages [10].
It was great to have Charlie as my mentor. He helped me a lot during
the whole GSOC period. I also got opportunity to contact other communities
also like JatoVM, VMkit, Cacao etc. I will continue to contribute even
after GSOC period also.
I will be happy to get any comments on the work I did. Anyone can
contact me to get the same setup on his embedded device.
Thanks all. I had a great Summer :-)

[1] http://www.spec.org/jvm2008/
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[9] https://github.com/SDkie/JVM-on-Embedded
[10] https://github.com/SDkie/JRuby-on-Embedded
Kumar Sukhani