[jruby-dev] maven snapshots and ci.jruby.org
(too old to reply)
2013-08-25 19:44:16 UTC

it looks like ci.jruby.org builds distribution files and as well run the CI
on various jruby related project. all(?) of those project are using
oss.sonatype.org BUT not all people with commit right have the permissions
to push a snapshot to oss.sonatype.org. so pushing snapshots depends on the
right people doing it manually.

first it would be nice to have a 'maven snapshot repository' on
ci.jruby.orgfor the jruby maven artifacts: jruby-core, jrby-stdlib,
jruby-rake-plugin itself. calling maven with a special profile which
creates such a repo is straight forward.

having that in place we could think about adding a few more commit hooks to
create snapshots for github.com/jnr/jnr-* which again could install the
respective snapshot into the maven repo in the same manner. BUT it would
require a couple of extra lines of XML for each project.

the would mean that any commit will publish the latest snapshot and using
that snapshot repo for jruby itself and NO extra permission for
sonatype.orgneeded. only thing needed to switch to the snapshot
release of the a
certain dependency when needed.

snapshot repo for jruby-* all I need is a path where to store those files.

for the other projects what do you think ? just trying to smoothing the
process somehow.

- christian